Trigger-based fundraising so you can
take on powerful forces and change the world.

You used to have to ask your supporters to give once, or give some excuse for them to give monthly.

Now, causes can ask supporters to sign up to automatically donate every time something happens in the real world. Like...

Automatically donate every time:

Your opponent tweets A disaster needs a response
Trump tweets (100/mo) Jeff Sessions tweets
Trump lies (9/mo, Politifact) You get press
Your opponent takes a corporate check You help someone in need
You get 100 petition signatures You get a politician to sign on

Or anything you choose.

GiveWhen is a free platform that makes giving easy, sustainable, and meaningful.

Raise more money, from more people, more often, by combining the best practices of crowdfunding and sustained monthly giving.

For supporters, giving is easy and meaningful. We also make it affordable for causes: supporters cover your processing fees.

Talk to us about getting started with Give When:

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